Becoming the Traveling Boutique

 Hello, My name is Jill. I along with my family have had a long love for camping and the outdoors. We started camping when our children were very young in a tent but quickly moved to a camper and now that our kids are grown we have moved to a 43 foot fifth wheel. It is a farmhouse on wheels to put it simply. We fell in love with this RV at a show in Tampa Florida and quickly realized she was our dream camper. Once we got her home I realized that she is too beautiful to sit in the barn in between trips and not be enjoyed. I have always dreamed of owning a business of my own. I work full time as a cardiac sonographer but still have that burning desire to open my own business. As I was sitting inside this beautiful camper one day the thought came to me from out of the blue to open a boutique in the confines of this unit. Yes it sounds crazy but that is exactly how the Traveling Boutique was born. I hope if you live near me that you will come in to see this unique boutique for yourself or if you don't live nearby I would be thrilled to ship any products that you are interested in. Thank you for supporting my dream and sharing a love for camping and the great outdoors.